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O-Level Chinese & Higher Chinese

As Chinese language educators, we aim to inculcate beneficial Chinese values and cultures in our younger generations allowing them to be grounded in values as they mature.

Through deepened understanding of Chinese values and cultures, passion for the subject will develop resulting in improved grades.

As stated in the Chinese Idiom “三岁看八十,七岁定终身“, the importance of early Chinese education is apparent.

We bring unimaginable improvements to our students’ grades.  

Run by experienced veteran teachers from top secondary schools with over 20 years of teaching O-Level Chinese and Higher Chinese, we possess a deep understanding of the teaching methods as well as examination standards for the subject. 

Hence, we will be able to provide key learning pointers and techniques like none other, allowing our students to not only improve their Chinese language, but to excel.

“Hi 老师, so happy and surprised that (my child) scored a B3. Thanks so much for your help. You know how Chinese has always been a struggle for him.”

– CCHMS HCL year 3 parent

👋🏻 教师节快乐! just wanted to say thank you for this past one year! (my child’s) grades and confidence for HMT has gone up. I can tell she is rather pleased with her improvement and is quite encouraged to continue to do well. 😄

– RGS HCL year 3 parent

“CHER I MIRACULOUSLY GOT A2 FOR HCL thank you cher ╥_╥”

“I’m just shocked that I passed …”

– RGS HCL year 4 student

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