Secondary School Chinese Tuition Singapore

Throughout the 4 or 5 years in secondary school, students will be building up the necessary language skills.   With our help, students will learn how to appreciate a passage with the language skills learnt, and how to make use of the appropriate language skills in writing essays.

Besides language skills, students will also be taught the most important skills in life, the THINKING SKILLS.

Secondary School Chinese Tuition Singapore

In the Framework for 21st Century Competencies and Student Outcomes (figure on left), critical and inventive thinking is one of the competencies that is necessary for the globalised world we live in.  (refer to 21st Century Competencies)

This has been reflected in the change of the GCE O level Chinese and Higher Chinese exam formats.

In the GCE O level Chinese exam in May 2017, many students (even teachers) find the questions were difficult as they require students to think before they write.  Many of the students were not taught of thinking skills. (see here)

Since the importance of the thinking skills, not only for the exam but also for their future, critical thinking skills are MUST learn skills beside the language skills for our students.


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