2020 Jan

1)  2019 GCE O level HCL (Group of 3 RGS students) – 2 score A2 and 1 scores B3 for HCL ‘O’ level

2) 2019 GCE O level HCL (1 to 1, CCHMS student) – A1 for GCE ‘O’ level HCL

3) 2019 GCE O level HCL (1 to 1) – This student is a Private candidate who did not do HCL for her secondary school days in school.  She came to me early 2019, to take up HCL the first time.  She scores B4 for GCE O Level HCL.

4) Parent of a CCHMS HCL student who took 2019 GCE O level CL in Sec 3.  He scores B3 for GCE O level CL.

5) . WhatsApp from a parent


1) From a happy parent

2) JC1 student who continued with me after her GCE O level CL.  She scored A and cleared her A Level H1 CL in JC1.



1) Sec 4 HCL student from MGS (2018)who took GCE O level CL in Sec 3 (2017)to determine if she can continue doing HCL in sec 4

2) From Parent of the Sec 4 HCL student from SCGS (2018)



1) Sec 2 CL student from Tanjong Katong Secondary School, who has been getting F9 since Sec 1, get his 1st pass after entering secondary school, after engaging us for 3 months. (2017)

2) A Sec 1 Indian girl, with no family support in the learning Chinese, studying Chinese Language at CHIJ St. Teresa.  Scoring F9 till CA1.  Chinese teacher cum Form Teacher is expecting her getting another F9 in her SA1.  However, the student scored a C6 in SA1, after engaging us for 1 month. (2017)

3)  Sec 3 HCL student from Hwa Chong Institution, scored well in his tests and being exempted from SA2. (2016)

He has gotten A1 in his GCE O level Higher Chinese (2017)

4) Sec 2 HCL student from Hwa Chong Institution (IP), from almost fail during SA1 to A2 in SA2. (2017)

Parent’s testimonial

5) Parent of Sec 4 CL student from SCGS(2017)