Terms and Conditions

(Updated 2021 v1.7)

A)   Course Fees and Payment Matters

A1) Fees will be collected based on nos. of lessons for the month. If there is a fifth week in the month, fees will be collected for 5 lessons.

A2) Fees are paid upon registration* / at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance of the subsequent month.  Failing which will result in lesson suspension till future notice.

[*Registration must be done at least 72 hours (3 days) before class commence.  Last minute registration will not be entertained.]

A3) Advance fees for the subsequent month are payable upon registration if your first lesson is in the second half of a month.

A4) Preferred mode of payment: Internet Banking (payable to OCBC bank account:  712454453001), and PayNow to UEN. 201729273D or scan the QR code below.  Please indicate your child’s name in full and last 4 digit of his/her NRIC no. for reference.

A5) Lessons are only confirmed upon payment received and online registration form submitted (for new students).

A6) All fees paid are not refundable and not transferable under any circumstances.

A7) Unless alternate mode of lesson delivery can be arranged, there will be no makeup classes or refund of tuition fees if the lesson is canceled due to contagious diseases such as SARS. COVID and unforeseen circumstances.

A8) No lesson on public holidays.

A9) Deposits

  【For group tuition】A deposit equivalent to 1 month’s fees (4 sessions) is payable upon registration.

  【For individual tuition】A deposit equivalent to 1/2 month’s fees (2 sessions) is payable upon registration.

A10) Deposit cannot be used to offset tuition fees.


B)   Attendance

B1) The Student is advised to attend lessons regularly and punctually.

B2) In case of not able to attend a lesson, the Student should inform the Tutor minimum 24 hours in advance in order to arrange for make-up session.

  【For group tuition】Either replace by joining another class, or a 30 to 45 mins 1-to-1 session, subject to availability.

  【For 1-1 tuition】A session of equivalent timing will be arranged for make-up.

B3) For absence without informing the Tutor 24 hours in advance, fees paid for the session will be forfeited.  Neither alternate form of make-up lesson nor refund will be provided.

B4) For absence due to last minutes school activities, please provide a copy of relevant document from school, for a make-up lesson.

B5) For absence due to medical conditions, please provide a copy of the Medical Certificate, for a make-up lesson.


C)   Make up session

C1) Students and/or parents will have to arrange for a make-up session within 2 weeks, based on Tutor’s availability.  A MAXIMUM of 1 (ONE) make up session per month is allowed.

C2) If a make-up session cannot be arranged within 2 weeks,

  【For group tuition】neither alternate form of teaching session nor refund will be provided (tuition fees for that particular lesson will be forfeited)

  【For 1-1 tuition】fees will be used to offset a MAXIMUM of 1 (ONE) lesson in the subsequent month.


D)  Holidays / Extra lessons

D1) For extra lesson either during holiday or term time, please arrange with the Tutor at least 1 week in advance.

D2) Slot(s) for extra session(s) will only be reserved upon full payment received.


E)   Notice of Withdrawal 

E1) A withdrawal form must be submitted by the parent or guardian at least 1 month (4 lessons) before LAST CLASS.

E2) Fees for class in the last month (4 lessons) must be fully paid.

E3) Refund of deposits will be processed within 1 calendar month after the last lesson, with conditions E1 and E2 fulfilled.

E4) There are strictly no refunds or transfers of fees or deposits between students or month, should a student stop their current classes.


F)   Course Completion

F1) A student is considered completed the course if he/she is a final year student, with fees for the last 4 sessions fully paid.

F2) A Course Completion Form will be sent to parents or guardian after last class.  It has to be dully completed within 1 month after LAST CLASS.

F3) Refund of deposit will be processed within 1 month, after receiving the completed Course Completion Form.

F4) No refund of deposit if the Course Completion Form is received 1 month or more after LAST CLASS.

F5) There are strictly no refunds or transfers of fees or deposits between students or month.


G)  Photo/Video Release and Agreement

G1) It is understood that Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd reserves the right to use any photography and/or videography of students’ in class for purposes of advertising and promoting the studio.

G2) I give permission for Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd to take photos and videos of me and/or my child(ren)/ward(s) while participating in Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd classes and activities, for promotional purposes.

G3) Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd and/or its affiliated entities have rights to photograph and/or videotape students, record students’ voice, reproduce students’ voice and picture, in connection with any advertising, publicity and promotional activities, national media broadcast, print media, newsletters and social media platforms, related to Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd.


H)   Administration

H1) All personal information collected is for the use of course registration, course survey, account servicing of course related activities and the receiving of news and updates on courses and activities.

H2) Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd accepts no liability for any loss or damage incurred or suffered by the students as a result of participation in class activities and services on account of any negligence, misconduct or any cause of action howsoever arising.

H3) Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd reserves all rights on the materials.  NO copying, reproduction and resale of any materials is allowed.

H4) By enrolling yourself or students in classes offered by Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd, parents and guardians of students attending classes are taken to have accepted the Terms and Conditions.

H5) Loy Laoshi Chinese World Pte Ltd reserves all rights to amend the above terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.