How can my child improve in Chinese?


Every year,  parents come to me, asking the most common question: “How can my child improve in Chinese?”

I will then ask them: “Do your child use Chinese, be it read, speak or listen, at home?”  And what would their answer be?  You are right, the answer will always be “No”.

As we all know, if we wanted to improve in a subject, we need to put time in the subject.  We always say learning a language is all about the 4 skills: 听(listen)说(speak)读(read)写 (write).  This is actually no different from learning any other subject.  Be it Math, Physics or Chemistry, if you want to improve in it, you spend time on it.  When you discussing with your teachers and/or peers, you LISTEN and SPEAK the subject.  When you trying the examples in the textbooks / ten-year series / other schools’ papers, you READ and WRITE the subject.   My father always told me, people will not find writing ABC a problem, in fact, they find it too easy.  Why? Because they use it everyday.

So, yes, if you want to improve in Chinese, you will have to use it.  Used it frequently.   Just like English.

We use English in school everyday as all subjects other than Chinese are taught in English.  Hence, students do not find English difficult, as they are practising the 4 skills of English everyday and every minute when they are in school.

So, one factor to improve in Chinese is to use it as frequent as possible.

However, this is almost impossible for our students.  Hence, this is where we can help.  Students will learn the tips and tricks to do well in their Chinese from our lessons.

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