Chinese Email Writing – How to Score High Tips part 1

How to score high for Chinese email writing?
There are 3 papers in GCE O level Chinese Language (CL) and Higher Chinese Language (HCL) examinations.  Please refer to my blog GCE O Level Higher Chinese and Chinese exam written paper for an overview for Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Paper 1 (HCL & CL)  试卷一(高华及普华)

In Paper 1, there are 2 sections for both CL and HCL, section 1 will be functional writing and section 2 essay writing.

Email writing has been one of the most commonly use method for communication in our daily activities.  Besides email, in this hi-tech city, social media has been another mean for us to communicate our thoughts and ideas.  As such, functional writing, that including email writing and forum writing, is included in the latest Chinese Language and Higher Chinese Language syllabus.
It seems easy for one to write an email, or voice one’s viewpoint on forum.  However, it is not so when come to doing functional writing in GCE O level.

For CL, this section includes informal (i.e. personal) email, and formal email writing.  For HCL, this section includes informal (i.e. personal) email, and formal email or letter to forum.  For the past years, there is always a question for informal email, left with another one either formal email or a letter to forum (for HCL).

Section 1 – Functional writing          第一部分——实用文 

In this post, we will focus on informal (i.e. personal) email writing in Section 1.

1.1) Informal (i.e. personal) email writing (私人电邮)

For informal email, students are asked to reply to an email from a friend.

A) The Scope

Here is the scope of informal email:


B) The formats

Here’s the standard format for informal email when replying to an email:
To avoid loss marks for the format, students must remember all parts and put them down correctly.

C) The content key pointers

Depending on the question, here are some of the key pointers for the email contents:

1.2) Exactly what to write?

With the content key pointers, students can get ideas from the question.  Students need to read through the question carefully as there are information can be used for their content writing.
One thing would be, students need to think and write LOGICALLY.

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