GCE O Level Higher Chinese and Chinese exam written paper

The new academic year has started, and the GCE O level results is releasing this coming Friday (12 Jan 2018).  Students entering Sec 1 will soon realise that they need to cope with many more subjects compare to their Primary school days.

Besides adapting to the the additional subjects,  and longer school days, they will also realised that the amount of time spend learning and doing Chinese subject has reduced drastically from one-quarter, to one-eighth!  To some students, this could be good news, as they do not need to speak Chinese so frequent.  However, it might not be good news to some, esp. parents, as they will need to “work harder” to maintain the standard of the subject.

Many parents are feeling lost when come to coaching their secondary school going children learning and revising Chinese.  They are not sure what to learn and what is expected in GCE O level exam.

In order for us to help our children more effectively, we will need to know what is required in the GCE O level Chinese and Higher Chinese exam.

In this page, I will be sharing the exam formats of the written papers.  For Paper 3, I shall share in another post.


GCE O level exam format overview

There are total 3 papers our students need to sit for at the end of the day, that is, Paper 1, 2 & 3.

Paper 1 (Functional Writing & Essay Writing)

This is a 2-hour paper for both Chinese language (CL) and Higher Chinese language (HCL). It comprises 2 Sections: Functional Writing and Essay Writing.  Please see the tables below for more details.
Table 1A -GCE O Level Chinese Language (CL) Paper 1 Exam format
Table 1B – GCE O Level Higher Chinese Language (HCL) Paper 1 Exam format
Paper 2 (Language application and Comprehension)
The duration for Paper 2 is different for CL and HCL.  It is 1hr 30min for CL paper, and 1hr 45min for HCL paper.  The tables below shows more details about the individual sections of the paper for CL and HCL respectively.
Table 2A -GCE O Level Chinese Language (CL) Paper 2 Exam format
Table 2B – GCE O Level Higher Chinese Language (HCL) Paper 2 Exam format

 *  MCQ: Multiple Choice Question                               ** OEQ: Open Ended Question
Besides testing for the understanding of the language, both papers are also testing students’ understanding and application of the language skills.
With the above information, parents should be able to have a better idea of what will be tested in the Chinese and Higher Chinese language exam.
So, how to score for paper 1?  How to answer comprehension questions to score high in paper 2?

With our help, students will be able to master the essential Chinese essay writing & comprehension answering skills.

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