GCE O Level Chinese and Higher Chinese Paper 3 Exam

O level Chinese and Higher Chinese Paper 3 Exam – How to Prepare and Score Well?

This is the time! GCE O Level Paper 3 is coming!!

Before we learn how to handle this paper, let’s understand the format first.

The format for O level Chinese and Higher Chinese exam was changed starting 2016.   The most significant change would be the oral component.  Let us look about what are the changes.


Examination Format for GCE O Level Chinese Language paper 3

In Chinese Language Paper 3, students will be sitting for Oral exam and Listening Comprehension exam.

Table 3A shows the format and weightage of the Paper 3 for GCE O level Chinese Language (CL).


Table 3A -GCE O Level Chinese Language (CL) Paper 3 Exam formatO Level Chinese Paper 3 Exam

Oral component (CL)

Before 2016, students were required to read a passage, followed by a conversation segment with the examiners.  Many a time, students have no clue about the conversation topics after they passage reading.  Starting 2016, the passage reading segment remain unchanged.  However, there are changes made to the conversation segment.  Students are now put to view a video clip during the preparation,  this video clip will be the topics of discussion for the conversation segment.

Listening Comprehension component (CL)

For Listening Comprehension examination, students will be listening to 4 passages, to answer 10 multiple choice question.

Examination Format for GCE O Level Higher Chinese Language paper 3

For Higher Chinese Language, paper 3 (oral) exam is a whole new thing to it.

Starting 2016, all students doing Higher Chinese Language (HCL) are required to sit for a paper 3 in GCE O Level examination.  Paper 3 for Higher Chinese Language comprises of only the oral component.

Although Higher Chinese students only required to sit for Oral examination, they are tested not only the oral skills, but also the listening skills and information gathering skills.


HCL Oral

Below is a table showing the GCE O Level Higher Chinese Language (HCL) Paper 3 format and weightage.

Table 3B -GCE O Level Higher Chinese Language (HCL) Paper 3 Exam formatO Level Higher Chinese paper 3 Exam


Students will need to give their views about the video clip topics, after which, a conversation segment for further discussion.

During the examination, students will be given a 1o-min preparation time before they head towards the examiners.  Students need to view the video and plan for the oral presentation.  Pens and papers will be provided for their planning.


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