How to Write a Chinese Essay?

Most students are afraid of writing Chinese essay, because they do not know what to write.  Should it be possible, they would do away with it altogether.

However, this is not an option.

Chinese essay writing is an important part in GCE O level Higher Chinese Language or Chinese Language exam.

Then, what are the students suppose to write in an essay?   For GCE O level Chinese exam in May 2017, many parents complained about the essay questions set were too difficult (link).  However, this is the direction we are heading in O level Chinese and the students need to level up necessarily.

Before we even talk about what to write, we must first know what will be tested.

For GCE O level Chinese exam, essay writing is in section 2 of Paper 1.

In this section, students are expected to choose to write 1 out of 3 questions, and the 3 questions will be  in one of the following categories:

  1. 情景文 (Scenario essay writing)
  2. 说明文 (Expository)
  3. 议论文 (Argumentative)
  4. 材料作文 (Material essay writing)

Each category would need students to write the essay using different skill set. Students need to master the required skill set in order to write essays that meet the criteria.

For 情景文, students need to use the skills of writing 记叙文 and characters descriptions; for 说明文, they need to use the skills of expository essay writing议论文 needs the 3 key elements; as for 材料作文, depending on the question, students will either need to use the skills for 记叙文 or 议论文.

When students are clear with all these skills, they will find Chinese essay writing a lot more easier.  When equipped with these necessary writing skills, they will be able to focus more on acquiring their language skills.

With our help, we are confident that our students are able to master all these essential Chinese essay writing skills.

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