Why Higher Chinese?

The 2016 O level result has released before this Chinese New Year.  To most students, the ‘O’ Level Exam results determine which Junior College or Polytechnic they will be going.  To some, the result of their Higher Mother Tongue Language (HMTL) will also determine if they need to continue studying Mother Tongue Language (MTL) in Junior College (JC) as a H1 subject (aka AO level subject).

In Singapore, under national policy, secondary schools students are to sit for the their mother tongue language examination in GCE ‘O’ Level at the end of the 4 or 5 years secondary school journey, to determine if they are able to promote to Junior College.  They will need to take GCE ‘O’ level examination for all subjects they study in the secondary school.

There are other groups of students who are studying in IP (Integrated Programme) schools.  For IP schools, they either adopt the International Baccalaureate (IB) track or the ‘A’ level track.  Integrated Program is also known as the “Through Train” programme where students promote to Junior College without sitting for GCE ‘O’ Level exam, except their Mother Tongue Language (MTL) paper.  Students doing IB will be sitting for the IB assessment at the end of year 6, whereas students doing the ‘A’ level track will be sitting for the GCE ‘A’ level exam at the end of their year 6 (JC 2).

For students taking GCE ‘A’ level exam at the end of Junior College education, whether or not they are IP students, will need to take Mother Tongue Language at H1 level, if they have not passed their Higher Tongue Language (HMTL: HCL / HML / HTL) in GCE ‘O’ level, or they only taken the normal Mother Tongue Language (MTL) as a subject in secondary school.  This means that students will have to study for Mother Tongue  Language as a subject even if they are in Junior College.  However, for those students doing Higher Mother Tongue Language (HCL / HML / HTL) in the GCE ‘O’ level, they would be exempted from Mother Tongue Language in JC should they pass the GCE ‘O’ level HMT exam.

Many a time, students study HMTL in secondary school not because they like the subject.  Ironically, it is exactly just the opposite!!  They opt to study Higher Mother Tongue (HCL / HML / HTL) in secondary school even if they dislike and/or are weak in the subject.  Their motive is obvious, they just want to clear the GCE ‘O’ level Higher Mother Tongue paper and NOT to study Mother Tongue Languages anymore after they enter JCs.

It is challenging for one to score well in Higher Chinese if he/she is having a negative attitude towards learning it.  So, how do we face the challenge?

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